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My Friend Lesley Johnson
Lesley's Picture
Marie Raposo
Marie's Picture
Linda Kiker Moreno
Linda's Picture
Anna Arends
Anna's Picture
These are Cathy and Wendy's children
Children's Picture
My Friends Veronica and Donald Brandon
Veronica & Donald's Picture
This is Tom Majors. Tom is very interested in alternative medicine and has practiced it for years. He has given us thru the years all kinds of helpful information on just about any topic you can think of on health. He is the one who introduced us to Dr. Lorraine Day and Dr. George Malmus. His web site is listed on my Alternative Medicine web page. Check it out.
Tom's Picture
This is Cesare Edward Correnti and sister Gloria Paden. Edward passed away in December, 1998. He was a very special person and one who loved the Lord dearly. We dated for about four or five years. Both Michael and I thought him to be one of the sweetest person you could ever meet, and we enjoyed our times together.

Gloria is a sweetheart. At one time, we lost track of each other and she found us in Florida. She didn't know where we were in Florida, but she sent a letter addressed to one of the churches that we go to, and the letter was forwarded from one church to the other until it found us at JAX First Church. Gloria and I continued to communicate through e-mail. John met her and Edward when we went to San Diego for our family reunion. Gloria and Edward are special friends, and friends are flowers that never fade.

Edward & Gloria's Picture
My Goddaughter Yvonne Castle Fejeran. I lost track of Yvonne. She had twin boys about a year or two older than my son Michael. I hope to find her and communicate with her someday soon.
Yvonne's Picture
This is Carleen. I lost track of her, also, but she was a friend that made an impact on my life--always a source of help and inspiration. I shall never forget the many times she spent with me helping me to practice parallel parking so I could take and pass the driving test. Even though I had driven and had taken driving tests before, parallel parking was never my strong point. Carleen is a beautiful flower in God's Garden--one that would never fade.
Picture of Carleen
This is Frances Bailey, another beautiful flower in God's Garden. At a time when I was a single Mom struggling to make ends meet, she came to my rescue. She said she would babysit my son so I could work part time at the Paradise Valley Hospital in National City, and I did not have to pay her. She was also from Guam. She had two children about the same age as my son.
Picture of Frances Bailey
Faye, Frances Bailey's daughter.
Picture of Faye Bailey
Harold, Frances Bailey's son. The pictures of Frances, Faye and Harold were taken at the Grand Canyon.
Picture of Harold Bailey
I do not have a picture of Art and Marilyn Stout, but I have a picture of their son Kevin. Art and Marilyn were very special people to me. They were responsible for giving me a correct knowledge and understanding of Jehovah God and other important doctrinal and health issues. I have tried many times to contact them but without success. We met in San Diego and went to church together for several years. Their son Kevin is about a year younger than my son Michael.
Kevin's Picture
Then we moved. The last I've known of them was that they had moved to Modesto, California. Maybe someday, this side of Heaven, I would meet again with Art and Marilyn and tell them, 'Thank You'. If not, we would meet, by God's grace, on the Sea of Glass before the Great White Throne, and I would tell them, It was you who invited me here. Click here to read about Art and Marilyn in My Walk to Emmaus

Friendship plaque for The Bond of Love

The Bond of Love

We are one in the bond of love,
We are one in the bond of love;
We have joined our spirit with the Spirit of God,
We are one in the bond of love.

Let us sing now, everyone.
Let us feel His love begun;
Let us join our hands that the world will know
We are one in the bond of love.

--Otis Skillings

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