Bible Studies and Chain Bible Markings help you to gain a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ!

Have you known people who know their Bible so well they could give you a Bible study on the spot on just about any subject under the sun? You marvel and wonder how they do it. Granted, there are some people like that, but for the rest of us, we need a little help, don't we? And this is where chain Bible markings come to the rescue.

How does chain Bible markings work? We have come up with the Bible texts on the different topics shown below. Print this out and laminate it in place on the inside of the back cover of your Bible.

Bible Studies and Chain Bible Markings help you to gain a knowledge of Jesus Christ whom to know is Life Eternal

The Bible texts shown are the first texts on a series of texts pertaining to the different topics shown. For example: TITLE: The Way of Salvation, KEY: WS and TEXT, which is the first Bible text in the series. Now, when you turn to the first Bible text, Matthew 19:16, annotate at the end of the text your second Bible text with 2WS Rev 21:27. This means the second Bible text on the topic, The Way of Salvation (WS), is Rev 21:27. At the end of the second Bible text, annotate the third text as 3WS John 3:3 and so on until you cover all the Bible texts relating to the way of salvation. When you come to the end of the series, annotate the word END to let you know that you have come to the end of the series. Easy enough, isn't it?

An incredible journey through your Bible is offered by Bible Studies and Chain Bible Markings Web Site

Let's now embark on the most incredible journey through the Bible with the first step. Except for the last Bible topic, Once Saved, Always Saved, credit to the compilation of these Bible studies goes to Theologian and Author J. L. Shuler.

1. The Second Coming of Christ SC Heb 9:28
2. The Millennium M Rev 20:5
3. God's Purpose for this World GP Eccl 1:4
4. The Nearness of the Return of Jesus Christ NR Matt 24:3
5. Angels A Heb 1:13,14
6. Heaven H 2 Cor 12:2
7. The Way of Salvation WS Matt 19:16
8. The Christian's Rule of Life CR James 2:8-12
9. The Lord's Day LD Rev 1:10
10. The Change of the Sabbath CS Ex 20:8-11
11. The Seal of the Living God SG Rev 7:1-3
12. How to Keep the Sabbath KS Ex 20:8
13. The First Day of the Week - New Testament FD Mark 16:9
14. The Punishment of the Wicked PW 2 Pet 2:9
15. The Meaning of Hell MH 1 Cor 15:55
16. Where are the Dead? WD Eccl 12:7
17. Bible Plan for the Support of God's Work SW Deut 8:18
18. Bible Temperance BT 1 Cor 10:31
19. The Most Wonderful Prophecy in the Bible WP Dan 8:3-14
20. The Work of Jesus as Our High Priest HP Dan 8:14
21. The Great Day of Judgment JD Acts 17:31
22. The Present Truth PT 2 Pet 1:12
23. The Seven Last Plagues SP Rev 15:1
24. The Mark of the Beast MB Rev 14:9-11,14
25. Christians in Dress CD 1 Cor 10:31
26. Baptism B Mark 16:16
27. The True Church TC Rev 12:1
28. God's Gathering Call GC Rev 17:3,4
29. Once Saved, Always Saved? OS John 10:28

Remember, the above table shows the first text in the topic's series. By clicking on the topic title, you will get the rest of the texts.

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